How Do I Know If My House Has Lead Paint

At Viking Specialty Contracting, people frequently ask us, “How do I know if my house has lead paint?” Below, we ask a question that will for the most part help you find your answer:

Was your house built prior to 1978?

You see, before 1978 contractors didn’t know that lead based paint was harmful. It was
available to purchase at any home goods store, and most people used it in their homes. It
wasn’t until 1978 that they discovered that the lead in the paint was leading to all sorts of issues with brain and nervous system damage, kidney damage, hyperactivity, slowed growth, etc.
Although most homes before 1978 had lead paint on the inside and outside of the home, not all homes before 1978 contain lead paint.

How Can I Tell If My House Has Lead Paint?

As a rule of thumb, the older your house is (1978 and before), the more likely it is that you
have lead based paint in your home. If the paint is in good condition, there shouldn’t be any
immediate risks for you or your family. If your paint is chipping, fading, cracking, or peeling, we
would recommend getting a lead inspection as soon as possible. Lead dust can become
airborne if agitated by sweeping, dusting, playing, and so on.

What Do I Do If My House Has Lead Paint?

If your house does test positive for lead paint, then you can prevent major exposure by doing
the following:
• Clean up any paint chips that you find.
• Keep any children’s play areas clean.
• Don’t let kids chew on painted surfaces.
• Clean dust of off painted surfaces using a warm wash rag or sponge, and wash hands
thoroughly afterwards.
• Don’t wear your shoes inside your house, as you can track in lead.
• If you are renting your home, tell your landlord (or lady) that there is a lead contamination.
To completely remove the risks associated with having lead in your home, you will need to hire a certified lead abatement contractor. VIking Specialty Contracting has been providing lead
abatement services in the valley for over 3 years, and can answer any questions you may have by calling 480-568-8228.

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