Statement of Overall Principles:

Viking Specialty Contracting was established in 2012 and is a fully licensed General Contractor specializing in the removal and disposal of hazardous materials. The makeup of the company consists of some of the industry’s top performers and management leaders from environmental companies all over the nation. Viking’s employees demonstrate and possess acumen, education, and the experience to make a significant contribution to the environmental industry. Our managers and supervision bring a range of skills, diverse perspectives and backgrounds to successfully overcome and complete the toughest tasks or situations. Viking Specialty Contracting utilizes a company service matrix so that all employees are equipped to make confident decisions that are aligned with the core values, beliefs and operating procedures when encountering challenges with no specific written guideline. Our service matrix is not intended to show an employee what not to do, but rather, how to accomplish a given assignment or challenge. Importantly, the members of Viking Specialty Contracting are instilled with the highest ethical standards, a strong sense of professionalism and a dedication to serving the clients every need no matter how big or small. Our commitment to safety & success is maintained by a management team that is readily available to our clients twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

Service Matrix Definitions:

Safety. Safety has to do with bodily injury. A safety concern will be an awareness of anything during the work day that can harm an employee, customer, or subcontractor.

Liability Management. Liability Management has to do with the physical environment. It requires that the employee have an understanding of what can legally be performed within the scope of their position. It understands the basic limits of insurance coverage as well as understands and keeps at the forefront of decision making the litigious environment in which we work. In our field, this area usually shows itself daily in the form of avoiding damages to the environments we work in.

Productivity. Productivity represents time and money. To be aware of productivity the employee will utilize company procedures to ensure that the tasks being performed are maximizing the time taken as well as remaining within established budgets and guidelines. A well-established plan that incorporates Safety, Liability Management, and Quality will often meet your “Productivity” requirements.

Quality. Quality is defined as consistently delivering to our customers what they expect. We do this first in the sales process by ensuring we understand and include the client’s needs within the contract. Quality is then delivered when the field personnel genuinely understands and consistently delivers all contract promises. It is made simple in the idea that we do not define quality, our clients does and it is ours to deliver on their expectations.


In order to properly implement this service matrix, the four basic areas of liability must be understood through continual training and use of employee handbooks and procedures. The Service Matrix must be discussed often with fellow employees when defining new process and procedures and is meant to become common language.

The Service Matrix is the governing influence in all positions from Estimating to Haul Out. Each project will have a custom written Service Matrix plan prior to start and will be executed accordingly.

By using the acronym, SLPQ, each undefined challenge should be taken through the steps of this matrix. Again, it is not to be used as an excuse to not perform a task, but to be used to determine how to perform a task.


Experience & Staff:

Viking Specialty Contracting consists of 12 core employees on a regular 40 hr. basis. These core employees are a hand selected group which represent Viking as we strive to continually be the best in the industry. All employees are field trained and certified at the state and federal level in all aspects of environmental hazards (asbestos, lead, microbial, hazmat, and bio-hazard) yearly. With safety as a continued practice Viking believes that a good safety record is never an accident! Below are a few members that make up the Viking staff.

Jeff Burns: General Manager/ Office Manager with over 25 years in the asbestos abatement and environmental remediation industry throughout the country. Jeff has worked as supervisor, superintendent, senior account manager, project manager, estimator and regional manager. He has serviced all types of clientele, industrial, municipal, government, schools, hospitals and the list goes on from there. Some of his more notable client are; Arizona State University, Cal Polytechnic University Pomona, City of Phoenix, Sky Harbor International Air Port, Luke AFB, Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona Public Service, Colorado Public Service Company and more available upon request.

Christopher Barnstorf: Senior Accounts Manager/ Safety Coordinator with over 20 years of experience in the construction field, 9 years of which were spent in the asbestos industry. Starting off in the field as a laborer and working up through the ranks learning all aspects of the construction industry.

Rick Liddle: General Superintendent with over 26 years in the demolition and asbestos industry. Working as a field supervisor for the past 20 years for one of Arizona major environmental companies, Rick exceled in completing projects for $1k – $ 5 mil meeting or beating his schedule and budget.

Timothy Oline: Head Supervisor/ Site Foreman for the last 7 years in the asbestos industry. Working on various projects servicing clients from ASU, City of Phoenix, to General Dynamics.

A Good Safety Record is Never an Accident